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CliffsNotes: Tattoo Etiquette 101

A few days ago, I read Alli Thresher’s article in xoJane on “Tattoo Etiquette 101 – How to Appreciate My Body Art Without Making Me Hate You.” After sharing it into the Twitterverse, a few people asked me, “Wait, really?”

I’ve had strangers pull up my shirt sleeve, touch my hair, even grab me by the collar to get a “peek” at the hint of a drawing they think they see. […] When they’re visible (and they’re usually not), my tattoos are not an invitation. They are not on my body for anyone’s enjoyment other than my own.


To be completely honest, I usually enjoy the fact that my tattoos can be a conversation starter. I like to meet new people and tend to be relatively quiet by nature. If my body art pulls someone in for an interesting discussion, I’m glad.

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The Cloisters

I went to the Cloisters for the first time a few days ago. It’s been a while since I had some fun at a museum and I’m not really a huge fan of medieval art. However, I am a fan of Fort Tryon park and have heard that the museum is really beautiful.

And it certainly was. I could hardly believe that I was still in New York when I walked into this place. Continue reading The Cloisters

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“Knowledge of places is closely linked to knowledge of the self, to grasping one’s position in the larger scheme of things, including one’s own community, and to securing a confident sense of who one is as a person.”  Keith Basso, Wisdom Sits in Places

I’m lucky: I have my family, and I have friends who are like family. For Thanksgiving, I went to a one such friend’s house for dinner in my hometown. For the most part, I moved away from South Jersey when I was 18. I rebelled, with an appropriately dramatic teenage flair, against where I grew up. Not one for the quiet life, I was drawn to the stimulating toughness of the city.

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