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365 Photos – 18/52

This week was my Hoboken-themed week. The weather has been gorgeous — it was 85F this weekend! — so I’ve been walking around town more.

I took a really early train on Sunday, which meant I had an opportunity to take some pictures of that Hoboken Train Station when it was nearly empty. I like pictures of busy places, but without any people in them. That’s why I get up so early to walk the dog in the morning. My favorite time of day is right before anyone else has woken up.  Continue reading 365 Photos – 18/52

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Harry Potter and the Destroyer of Assumptions

Apparently I was a huge snob as a 10 year old.

At the time, I was gung ho about reading and especially hung up on the Spookesville series by Christopher Pike. (I still stand by those being some of the best Young Adult books I’ve read.)

My lovely, wonderful family members were kind enough to take my interests to heart and often bought me books as presents. One Christmas, this included the first Harry Potter book. Continue reading Harry Potter and the Destroyer of Assumptions