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If you’re not already following OutWOD, you should be.

They’re an an organization of athletes that create various fitness events around the world to fundraise for local LGBTQ organizations, not to mention the fact that they recently created a gender-inclusive CrossFit Open leaderboard. Continue reading OUTRio

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We Survived the Double IG Challenge

I have a pink sticky note next to my desk that says “Compete.” One of my goals during my time off was to really focus on my training and participate in my first crossfit competition. I’m happy to say I can now check that off my list. (Though I’ll be adding a new competition soon enough to replace it.) Continue reading We Survived the Double IG Challenge

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Flipping Over the Stone

Yesterday, I was walking back from the grocery store when the porteiro called me over —  a package had arrived. When I walked into his office to sign for it, there was another woman there, chit-chatting and watching the world go by. He mentioned to her that I wasn’t from Rio which, of course, led into a short conversation about where I was from and, the question I hate most, “Está gostando do Brasil?” Continue reading Flipping Over the Stone