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Hikes, and sunsets, and beaches, oh my

Last time I went to Los Angeles, I left thinking that it might be the place for me to live.

However, I’ve learned some lessons over the past year. Useful ones. And I try to put them into practice. Like, it’s always good to do a test run before making a big life change, if you can.  Continue reading Hikes, and sunsets, and beaches, oh my

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Barcelona y Madrid

The past two weeks have been intense and exhausting and exciting and filled with way too much stuff in the best way.

My colleague, Pam Kocke, and I set out for Spain to help promote our new Happiness Engineer (ES) position at Automattic. (As always, we’re hiring!) We started out in Barcelona where we spoke with the WooCommerce Barcelona meetup on our first night and learned that jet lag makes you fearless. The next day, we had a chance to chat with the folks from the Barcelona WordPress meetup to talk some more about customer support. (Can you tell we like customer support?!) Continue reading Barcelona y Madrid