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Metcons and Meditation

For the past three months, I had a mental block in my weightlifting. About a year ago, I hurt my shoulder working on cleans. I was new to the movement, but trusted my strength. At the encouragement of a coach, I decided to go heavier, not taking a moment to consider whether or not my technique would match my strength. I got through my workout, but not without considerable pain: I’d been doing the movement, but not properly, and my body paid for it. Continue reading Metcons and Meditation

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Coaches and PRs

I’ve been going to a coach for about two weeks now. Since starting crossfit this past year, it’s been something I’ve thought about quite a bit.

I’ve always felt pretty comfortable programming for myself, something I attribute in large part to my yoga teacher training. If I know which part of the body I want to work and strengthen, I find it easy (enough) to pinpoint the movements that will help get me there. Continue reading Coaches and PRs

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Yoga? Yoga.

Yesterday, I started my first day of yoga teacher training. So let’s start by filing that under “New Adventures.”

But why?* you might be asking. Well, it just so happens that we addressed that in our class last night while going around the room with ice breakers. My Why? is pretty simple: yoga has almost always been in my life. I took my first yoga class when I was 14, and connected with it immediately. As I moved through high school and college, I had trouble finding a teacher and a studio that I felt comfortable with. Continue reading Yoga? Yoga.