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More than a vacation

For the past year, I’ve been working with the wonderful group of people at italyMONDO to start the process of becoming a dual Italian-American citizen.

My family immigrated from Italy a few generations back. However, because they never renounced their Italian citizenship, my grandmother, mother, and I were all eligible for Italian citizenship through our bloodline. At least, that’s the very simplified way of putting it. Continue reading More than a vacation

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Snapshots from Sicily

Last week, the Automattic Store Team met up in Palermo, Sicily to work on projects and spend time together in person. Our team has grown to roughly 30 people, many of which who have yet to celebrate their first anniversary at Automattic. It’s so exciting to be part of a group that has so many fresh eyes and diverse experiences, and to get to know everyone even better. We work closely every day, but we don’t always have the chance to work closely in real life. Continue reading Snapshots from Sicily

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After Charleston, I hopped a plane — actually, four planes — to Cyprus for the Store Division meet up. We worked on some really great projects during our meet up, focusing both on internal tools and new features we’ll be rolling out on At our last meet up, the Store Happiness team (or what would become the Store Happiness team) only had four people. Now, we’re at a whopping 13. It’s pretty amazing. Continue reading Cyprus

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Rome, Italy, and more

Rome, the Eternal City. My Fellini-loving, La Dolce Vita-admiring, Cacio e Pepe-eating self couldn’t wait to see this gorgeous city. I’ve traveled to Italy a few times before, but had never gone to Rome. It sounds like an egregious oversight, but Rome always seemed like the sort of place that deserved more than a few measly hours eked out of a hectic train trip.

Continue reading Rome, Italy, and more