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Sabbatical: Week 3

For better or worse, I’ve definitely found a routine now. In the mornings, I do some yoga, brew some coffee, write, and study reiki. I sound like I’m on a retreat, though I suppose I set myself up for that. I still keep waking up before 6am, but at least I feel rested after doing so. Well, 90% of the time I do.  Continue reading Sabbatical: Week 3

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You Teach Me, I Teach You

I can be very superstitious sometimes, which is why I hardly told anyone about teaching my first yoga class. You could certainly argue that by sharing your hopes and goals publicly, you get all the good juju vibes from your friends and acquaintances. If you’re me, it fills you with thoughts of But what if I share and then it doesn’t go well and then what do I say and oh man, this is going to be so terrifying! Continue reading You Teach Me, I Teach You

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If you begin to act like a guru, then you can become a guru.

Originally, I thought Kumaré would be a tale about cultural appropriation, and why it’s problematic. Which, of course, would still make it a very interesting and important movie. However, there’s a lot more subtlety to this film than that, largely due to the charisma and reflections of the filmmaker himself, Vikram Gandhi. Continue reading Kumaré