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If you begin to act like a guru, then you can become a guru.

Originally, I thought Kumaré would be a tale about cultural appropriation, and why it’s problematic. Which, of course, would still make it a very interesting and important movie. However, there’s a lot more subtlety to this film than that, largely due to the charisma and reflections of the filmmaker himself, Vikram Gandhi. Continue reading Kumaré

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The Spaces We Choose

Knowledge of places is closely linked to knowledge of the self, to grasping one’s position in the larger scheme of things, including one’s own community, and to securing a confident sense of who one is as a person.
Keith Basso, Wisdom Sits in Places

I know, I always reference that quote. But I love it, and the idea that the places we inhabit are more than just structures. From the way we choose to decorate to the way we choose to occupy a space, it becomes imbued with meaning. Meanings that vary from person to person. Continue reading The Spaces We Choose

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What made you think it would be easy?

Week one into yoga teacher training, and I’m high on information overload.

In addition to studying the philosophical foundations of yoga, breath, and meditation, we work on learning the proper alignment, benefits, and foundations of each yoga pose (asana). Going through each asana in such a diligent way means reassessing my own skill level and dismantling any bad habits I’ve developed in myself over the years. As we talk each other into poses, and offer assistance, both physically and verbally to adjust within the position, a familiar little seed of doubt has been poking through in my mind. Continue reading What made you think it would be easy?

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Yoga? Yoga.

Yesterday, I started my first day of yoga teacher training. So let’s start by filing that under “New Adventures.”

But why?* you might be asking. Well, it just so happens that we addressed that in our class last night while going around the room with ice breakers. My Why? is pretty simple: yoga has almost always been in my life. I took my first yoga class when I was 14, and connected with it immediately. As I moved through high school and college, I had trouble finding a teacher and a studio that I felt comfortable with. Continue reading Yoga? Yoga.