Old school, meet new school

From the WFMU Twitter stream, I found this article on Why Young Music Fans Buy Vinyl — and the Apps That Can Help Them:

For people my age, having grown up with Napster (and Limewire, Bearshare, and Soulseek — remember those?), it feels silly to pay for MP3s. The same goes for CDs. All you’ll do with them is rip them to your computer and iPod. For those of us who want to pay for music, vinyl is a way to do that in return for something that isn’t easily obtainable for free on the internet. And for audiophiles, the sound quality of vinyl is often a factor too.

As someone with a pretty hefty vinyl collection (though paltry in comparison to my father’s thousands), this rings so true. It took me a super long time before I finally got an iPod/MP3 player. Now, I pretty much solely listen to music from my phone or my record player. Nothing beats the fun of sifting through dusty records, except maybe downloading awesome tuneage for free.

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