Savannah and Tybee, Part 1

Last month, the support team had a meet-up down in Tybee Island, GA to discuss how we can provide better support to users and for the chance to get to work together in person.

We stayed in a beautiful house close to the beach, which was great for riding bikes along the water. We also took a few trips into Savannah, one of which to test some delicious coffee for Jane’s Jitterbug Bakery at Perc Coffee. We also took a trip to some of the Telfair Museums, including the Jepson Center, which was showing an interesting collection of modern work that touched a lot on gaming and video game culture. 

I’d been to Savannah a couple of times in high school – we even talked about moving there – but, for some reason, did not remember my trip to Tybee at all. Standing in front of the lighthouse, I had a wave of memory come up on me, primarily because I remembered taking a picture of the viewfinder at the top of the lighthouse. Here’s a few pictures (there’s more!), since I don’t plan to forget my trip this time. Sheesh.

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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