56 Years

It was 56 years of teaching in action. Fifty-six years of mishaps, accidents, outbursts, blackouts, thunderstorms, fire drills, or any think else you can think of that can disrupt a class. There is almost nothing Marie Tuosto hasn’t seen, nothing she can’t handle with a lion-tamers’ aplomb. This year is in the books, and she’ll be back in September for year 57.

“I’ll do another year at least,” she said. “Maybe two. I still feel I’m up to it.”

Through 56 years, Newark elementary school teacher has seen it all via NJ.com

The Star Ledger featured a post on my aunt today, who’s been teaching at the same school in Newark for over 55 years. She’s an amazing person, and I’m so proud to see she’s getting such wonderful recognition.


  • Richert Manjarres

    Nice post. It’s so unfortunate that our teachers are so underpaid and unrecognized considering they really are such a fundamental part of how we turned out and how our kids will turn out. A great teacher really makes the difference. I fondly remember teachers turning me on to lit. and politics. Teachers who really cared. Thanks for sharing Erica.

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