Dreaming in English

Reading about all this multilingual dreaming, I asked myself, Why isn’t anyone dreaming in English? Perhaps, I thought, people naïvely assume they dream in their native language, when in fact something else happens — perhaps it’s in recalling a dream that any language in it is identified. I myself can remember dreamtime speaking in Spanish and Mandarin, two languages I’ve studied, as well as dreamtime writing and yelling in English, my native language. But I don’t recall ever waking up and thinking, Wow, I was really fluent in English last night.

Dreaming in English | Michael Erard


  • Asturian Diary

    Ha – I’ve just been thinking about this very subject. I live in Spain and am bringing up my two and a half year-old son bilingually. He’s recently started sleep-talking from time to time and it’s so cute hearing his mutterings switching between English and Spanish as he snuffles in his cot. (Love your blog, btw.)

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