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When I was little, I used to love walking around the house in the wooden clogs that my mother had picked up on a trip to Holland. Last week, I got to join my co-workers for a week in Amsterdam to work on projects for, meet the new additions to our crew in person, and explore the city together. I may not have brought home any clogs (they even come in comfy slipper versions now), but it was great to get a glimpse of Dutch culture.

One of our coworkers lives in Holland and our trip to his hometown was one of my favorite parts of the trip. To me, Amsterdam seems like a really small city, but it’s still somewhat bustling. Getting out of town and into a calmer place was very much welcome. I’m also so appreciative that I got the chance to see the Anne Frank Museum – I found it incredibly emotional. Seeing the posters of movie stars that she’d glued to her walls really drove home what a young girl she was.


  • Carolyn K Davis

    Hi Erica – I love your cheerful messages. You said someplace that you are a cultivator of happiness. Well! That was glad to learn. I live alone and need a “perk-me-up” message – anytime.

    At one spot I saw a picture of you hugging your cat. I noticed your cat wasn’t snuggling up as much as one might hope, and I was reminded of my cat, Bonnie, which I had for 13 years. Knowing how she was ambivalent about hugging, I felt I could imagine your cat saying to anyone who might listen: “Help. My human is hugging me again. I’m doing my best to avoid skin contact by craning my neck, as you can see. I don’t know whether to say, ‘Oh, wow, or Oh damn'”.

    Just kidding. I’m sure your animals have a wonderful human “mother,” in you.

    • Erica Varlese

      Haha, thanks! In fact, the cat that you saw in that picture belongs to a good friend of mine, so she was more likely wondering, “Why is this strange woman trying to hug me?” 🙂

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