I didn’t realize I liked loved Bruce Springsteen until I moved to Washington, DC. After six months in the capitol, I realized I was indescribably homesick and wanted to get back to the Garden State ASAP. To tide myself over, I played “Born in the USA” and “The River” on repeat in my room, desperately applying for jobs back home.

Last night (thanks to this guy), I finally got the chance to see The Boss play live — in our mutually beloved state, no less. It goes without saying that I’ll be recovering for a while: four hours of non-stop music. Being in New Jersey, the crowd would go insane any time Jersey was mentioned in a song. I, for one, lost my voice. What can I say? We’re a proud bunch.

If the show wasn’t already fantastic enough, Springsteen proceeded to bring kids up on the stage throughout the night to sing, making it simultaneously one of the most intense and adorable shows I’ve ever seen. And he crowd surfed. And there were fireworks. (And I took a bunch of terrible pictures to remember this amazing experience.)

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

2 thoughts on “Bruce”

  1. Born to Run live – when every light in the place comes on – is such an incredible experience. Anybody who hasn’t seen it can’t possibly understand live music. And in Jersey! Oh hell yes.

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