Love Story: Brick City

Post-Sandy, I have been participating in the mass Bookerdemonium, as Jezebel so endearingly calls it.

As I fell into the YouTube trap that can only be considered a side effect of Bookerdemonium, I stumbled into a series of videos about Booker’s first run for mayor. Once I breezed through each of those, I remembered that Brick City, a five-part documentary about the city of Newark, had been on my “to watch” list for quite some time.

It was a very interesting documentary. There’s always something appealing about watching a movie or film where you recognize all of the places that they’re shooting.

With Brick City in particular, it meant a lot to watch the story of the new Central High School. My grandmother graduated from there in 1949, and watching what all of the teachers there were doing for their kids to keep them safe, to help fill roles in their lives that may be lacking, and to keep them on track was emotional. It’s easy to watch a series like Brick City and feel something like pity or sorrow. But, I see strength. A complicated mix of strength and struggle, but strength nonetheless.

Any documentary about such a large and significant city will have both its shortcomings and achievements, but at the very least Brick City showed the many sides of Newark and the interesting character that is Cory Booker.

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