Resolving Goals

Despite my fierce loyalty to summer, I absolutely love this time of year. There’s something about the dead of winter, the bare trees, and the looming New Year that’s simultaneously cozy and anticipatory.

New Year’s resolutions, on the other hand, always seem silly, though I could probably attribute that to losing steam with my own roughly two weeks after January 1 passes by. Instead, I like to call them New Year’s goals. Semantics, I know. Goal implies taking steps to strive toward something, rather than forcing your behavior to do a complete 180 and expecting your new habit to stick. 

In 2013, my goal for Eternal Graffiti is to post weekly about something I’ve learned. Self-education is such an awesome trait. I’m always so impressed by people who seem to be experts in so many things, or who can just whip out some most randomly interesting fact.

I’ve also been out of school for almost four years now and I miss writing essays. There’s something about the rigidity of an essay, the format that you can easily buck against, that I really enjoy. I had a professor who was so strict that she would take points off if your introductory paragraph was more than five sentences. She was ridiculous, but I learned a lot in balancing her dictatorial writing formula with my I-want-to-be-Jack-Kerouac-therefore-I-do-not-believe-in-binding-myself-by-your-standards stream-of-consciousness writing phase.

So for myself, I’d like to learn something new every week and post about it. There is so much to know, so much to learn about and when you stop keeping your eyes open for the fascinating things that happen every day, that help us function more easily or happily, then life becomes dull, quickly.

Other goals?

  • Practice writing
  • Bone up on classic movies
  • Get outside more through photography

What about you? Do you have New Year’s goals or resolutions?

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