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Sweet Home Chicago

I was in Chicago this past weekend for BlogHer ’13 to help out at the WordPress Happiness Bar. While my coworkers have heard me say this about a dozen times now, I’ve never met anyone who’s been to Chicago and didn’t like it. So now I can officially join that crowd.

Pretty much all of my knowledge of Chicago comes from The Blues Brothers and various John Hughes films. Having never been anywhere in the Midwest before, I was mostly expecting everyone to be extremely polite and ridiculously friendly. So, gee Chicago, way to live up to my stereotype of you.

Highlights of the trip? Chicago-style pizza. A brief visit to the Art Institute. (Can I move in there?) Tapas at Cafe Iberico. The most hilarious and friendly cab drivers I’ve ever met. And every single person I met at BlogHer.

It’s a gorgeous city, and so relaxed. It’s on my list to go back within the year, but really only so I can spend a full day drooling over the collection at the Art Institute.


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