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California & Anniversaries

Exactly two years ago today, I posted that I would be joining Automattic as a Happiness Engineer. Working for a company like Automattic, specifically working in the technology/startup field, was completely new for me. Getting the job was surreal, a sensation compounded by the fact that I would be flying to Budapest two weeks later to meet all 90-something of my new coworkers.

Fast forward to this year’s Grand Meetup, which was held in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. This was — surprisingly — my first time in San Francisco. I finally got to see Automattic’s office for the first time, which was both fantastic and strange, since I think of ourselves as so office-less.

While San Francisco was a gorgeous city, I really enjoyed getting to visit Santa Cruz with my coworkers. We had some really neat activities planned, like ziplining through a California redwood forest.

We all work remotely, so our yearly company meetups are both a chance to collaborate on projects with different teams and for getting some quality IRL time. For example, some of us participated in our own Code Academy as a form of skillsharing between coworkers. It was awesome to have a designated time to really soak in so much information from the amazing resources around me.

The company has doubled since I joined Automattic, but our Grand Meetups feel like family reunions more than ever. I don’t know if I could ever thank this awesome woman enough for giving me the chance to join the clan, and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. (If you can’t tell, my mushy sentimentality has been through the roof since I started reading The Year Without Pants on the flight home.) I never cease to be inspired by our ever-expanding crew, and I love it.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled photos.


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