Yet Another New Year’s Post

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.

These ubiquitous round-up posts have made me nostalgic, and curious about publicly reflecting on the changes I’ve experienced in the last year. Above all, I’d say 2013 was a year focused on stability, on staying in one place, which has been a rarity for quite some time.

In the past year, I:

  • Traveled to: Argentina (Buenos Aires), New Mexico (Santa Fe, Albuquerque), Canada (Montreal), California (San Francisco, Santa Cruz), Italy (Rome)
  • Submitted my first poetry manuscript ever
  • Participated in a photography show after a long hiatus
  • Joined the hiring team at Automattic, and celebrated my two year work anniversary
  • Taught a class at the Montclair Adult School
  • I did not move, for the first time in five years
  • I started running in May, participated in my first 5k, and signed up for another this month
  • I started doing yoga regularly again, thanks to an amazing teacher, and I’m so excited about it
  • Started the process for getting dual Italian-American citizenship
  • Finished In Search of Lost Time, started Infinite Jest

In 2014, if I can’t stick with my individual goals – and I don’t necessarily think that you should – I want to make sure I learn to ride through the challenges. Since I was a kid, I’ve had the terrible habit of throwing in the towel when things got too hard, under the guise of “not really liking X, Y, or Z enough, anyway.” What a liar!

So if 2013 was all about staying in one place, then this year will be all about growing in one place. Through limitations, we find creativity, right?

  • Write a poem a day for Winter 2014
  • Re-focus on learning Spanish, and possibly another language – olá, português
  • Try to get in at least one spontaneous trip, and doing some more personal travel overall
  • Sign up for/complete a yoga teacher training
  • Run a 13k
  • Speak at a WordCamp

Oh, and putting this bad boy to use.

My family is awesome, and gave me this wonderful new camera setup for the holidays. My old camera didn’t include the option for video, so I really want to play around with and learn more about video editing. Luckily I have plenty of opportunity for beautiful videography—I’ll be in Las Vegas, Charleston, and Cyprus in the month of January alone.


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