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January was my Month o’ Travel. I was home for roughly 10 days, which is nothing to some others I work with, but quite a long time for me.

The month started off with my first trip to Las Vegas, for Blogworld, where I helped staff the Happiness Bar. Happiness Bars are always a ton of fun since you actually get to do what you do normally—teach others about WordPress—but in person.

After the conference we explored the Strip. I grew up near Atlantic City, so Las Vegas felt eerily familiar, especially as we walked past Bally’s and Caesars Palace. The incessant chatter of slot machines, cigarette smoke, and loss of all sense of time made me confused about where I was exactly. If it weren’t for the desert in place of the beach, I would’ve thought I was back home.

After a brief pit stop home, I headed off to Charleston, NC for a meet up with the hiring team. Though we’ve all been working together for quite some time now, this was our first time meeting up for Happiness hiring specifically, and it was wonderfully productive.

We stayed outside of Charleston on the Isle of Palms, about two blocks from the beach. One of my coworkers suggested signing up for a 5k, which we did, and which we completed, happily and despite the cold, cold weather. I finally felt pretty comfortable running the 5k, so I think I’m finally ready for a 10k. Progress!

We also spent some time walking around Charleston itself, which included going on a food tour. At The Dixie Cafe, I had the best grits. Ever. In my entire life. We also walked along The Battery, where we did see a dolphin hanging around. And we put together lots of puzzles. I have no idea what prompted this exactly, but it was surprisingly fun.


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