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After Charleston, I hopped a plane — actually, four planes — to Cyprus for the Store Division meet up. We worked on some really great projects during our meet up, focusing both on internal tools and new features we’ll be rolling out on At our last meet up, the Store Happiness team (or what would become the Store Happiness team) only had four people. Now, we’re at a whopping 13. It’s pretty amazing.

We stayed at the Columbia Beach Resort in Pissouri, which was pretty remote and right on the beach. (My foot has now officially been dipped into the Mediterranean Sea.) The resort itself was a cat sanctuary, so there were cats everywhere. In our forays outside of the hotel, it became pretty clear that there are just cats everywhere in Cyprus. I saw one dog, and he looked horrified.

We took a day off from work to travel to Paphos, where we visited a marketplace, along with a few special sites: the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas and the Tombs of the Kings. It was gorgeous, from the cliffs to the ocean. While everyone spoke English, it was fun to try to pick up on the Greek alphabet while driving through the island by reading signs and advertisements.

The best part of where we were staying was being right next to the ocean all week. I love this sound more than anything.


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