Yoga? Yoga.

Yesterday, I started my first day of yoga teacher training. So let’s start by filing that under “New Adventures.”

But why?* you might be asking. Well, it just so happens that we addressed that in our class last night while going around the room with ice breakers. My Why? is pretty simple: yoga has almost always been in my life. I took my first yoga class when I was 14, and connected with it immediately. As I moved through high school and college, I had trouble finding a teacher and a studio that I felt comfortable with.

Then, this last year, I met my current yoga teacher, whom I absolutely adore. Suddenly, that spark was reignited: I started going to yoga class at least once a week, practicing at home, working on handstands and meditation, reading books and websites. More importantly, I noticed a difference in myself. It became easier to focus on tasks, I felt generally less stressed and more upbeat, and, my favorite side effect of all, day-to-day problems seemed to pass in and out of my life more quickly.

The wise person knows that owing to fluctuations, the qualities of nature, and subliminal impressions, even pleasant experiences are tinged with sorrow and s/he keeps aloof from them.

– The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 11.15

After a serendipitous chat with my teacher about training and an excellently timed text message from my good friend who’s doing this adventure alongside me, I decided Now or never. Which is my verbose way of saying, here I am, after class one, and I’m simultaneously excited and terrified to go deeper and deeper into my understanding and practice of yoga. I mean, I have an anatomy textbook and I’m excited for our upcoming class on anatomy so I can learn more about the spine. Who is this person?

My type A personality is over in her own corner jumping with joy at the prospect of essays and book reports, and the rest of me is thrilled to see how all of this spills over into the rest of my life. It’s going to be a lot of work, a lot of internal change, and, more importantly, a lot of fun.

* No, I won’t be changing my title from Happiness Engineer to Happiness Yogi.


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