365 Photos – 8/52

As I walk around my neighborhood lately, I keep making mental notes of the pictures I want to take. The bar picture is one I’ve been waiting to take for weeks. For some reason, there’s something about the awning on this building that I love.

It took me a few tries to get that picture of New York City at night. I didn’t bring my tripod with me, so I was balancing my camera on a very cold pole along the walkway. I love the highlights on the ice. The Hudson River is pretty much frozen over at this point, making for some very interesting views. It’s surreal!

The last picture, from February 25th, makes me smile, since it includes some items I’ve had for just about forever. The painting is the door to my old bedroom that my mother patiently let me write all over. (It says, Peut-être que je serais bonne si je pourquoi, a quote by Walter Serner.) The book is The Golden Notebook, one I’m working through right now, and is next to a music box from Sorrento, Italy. In the frame, is a letter written by Allen Ginsberg to his partner, Peter Orlovsky, and was a Christmas gift from my partner who apparently knows just how much I love Ginsberg. All these little things feel like a snapshot of me, a bit of a self-portrait.

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