365 Photos – 10/52

I’ve been so out of it this week. Can you tell? I’m forcing myself to get a bit of sunshine today and explore some outdoor photography, rather than taking pictures from inside (or of inside).

It’s always a little disappointing to come back from a trip, after you have so many new and different things to take pictures of. On a day to day basis, our routines are often unchanging and it takes that extra effort to find something new or just find something new in what you’re used to.


  • Soso

    I love your photo of the pink gerbera daisies, my favourite flowers! And I feel the same about being back from a great trip and fighting to find inspiration for photographs. I think it depends not only on your daily routine but especially on your (changing) mood… Some days, finding inspiration and looking at things with a new eye demands a bigger effort than others. Your photo project is great, I wonder if I would be able to do the same.

    • Erica

      Yes, exactly! Some days it’s a lot easier to find pictures in day-to-day life and other times it’s a real challenge.

      You should definitely give it a try! It’s been a lot of fun to do a picture a day. I’ve also tried doing some once a week challenges too — 52 seems much less daunting to start. 🙂

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