365 Photos – 11/52

You get a bonus picture this week. The Goodman’s sign is one I’ve been meaning to take for a few weeks now, but I keep going right when the sun stops hitting the side of the building, making for a cruddy outcome. But there’s something really fun about taking pictures of all these old signs that you can still find in various cities, little remnants of downtowns years ago. 

I ran into another photographer on March 12th when I was taking those pictures. My big camera makes it hard to be inconspicuous — a definite pro when it comes to camera phones — so every now and then folks will ask what I’m taking pictures for. It’s fun to have a chance to chit chat, talk about why I started this project, and get some ideas.


  • didine596472

    Very nice Erica. If you love photo there’s a site with much Great and professionnal photographer. The name is Flickr. You can create an account with an Yahoo mail adress. It’s fantastic and people around the world put incredible photos. Diane

  • ladygoat

    That is a GREAT old sign.

    My fave, though, is the very first one… i love very blatant pictures of perspective and watching it dwindle on each side. Very cool.

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