365 Photos – 13/52

Lately, I’ve felt a little more interested in capturing my day than in just looking for a good photograph. Instead of seeking things out, I just kept my camera with me so I could take pictures of day-to-day things like walking to meet some old colleagues in NYC or my morning cup of coffee. 

My mother brought be these daffodils when she came over to visit on Saturday. They became like a motif later throughout the week. I keep moving them around the house so they can get better sunlight — they bloom like crazy and smell wonderful.

By Sunday night, they ended up on the kitchen counter, which is why you can see them above my dog’s nose on the Monday Morning picture. I was planning to get up earlier than usual on Monday to walk the dog, but he decided to get me up ten minutes before my alarm by jumping on me. Never a good way to start a Monday, but we did have an awesome walk, so there’s that.


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