365 Photos – 25/52

I was busy packing this week, so I stuck with the iPhoneography for the most part. I’ve also been partial to being able to edit my pictures in VSCOCam, so the iPhone pictures have continued.

Being in the suburbs means I’ve take a lot more pictures of nature, I think. I was in Hoboken and Jersey City over the weekend, so it was refreshing to try to capture some more urban elements again. 

Now that I’m in Sevilla, I have my camera out constantly. This is my first time in Spain and it’s just so ridiculously gorgeous. The architecture in particular is mind-blowing, especially after having taken a really, really long walk through Alcázar this morning. I can’t wait to get all of my pictures up.

My brain hurts so much from all the different languages, particularly after flying through Lisbon and finding myself behind a lot of French and Italian tourists while I’ve been here. My takeaway so far is that I speak just enough Spanish to make me seem really weird, rather than someone who’s struggling with the language. It’s a problem I’ll happily live with.


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