365 Photos – 34/52

I took so many pictures this week, and I know I’ll be taking even more next week because I leave for Brazil tomorrow. In one week, it’ll be my birthday, which I keep forgetting and I’m also oddly excited about. I usually go to a pizza place on my birthday, but this year I had originally made plans to go to Paris, since I’d celebrated my 18th there. (I’m turning 28, so exactly 10 years.) 

Of course, that changed, in the best way possible since I realized that I actually really didn’t want to spend my birthday, alone, in a city that I don’t really like. (Sorry.) In the meantime, I went out multiple times with friends, taking pictures, this week. I found my old 35mm  that I got when I was 13 and I’m so happy to be using it again. There was a film roll in there from about 5 years ago, so we’ll see a) if anything actually shows up and b) what the heck is on there.


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