365 Photos – 39/52

I woke up early this morning to walk the dog and pack. My only fear or phobia is natural disaster, like flooding or tsunamis. These are, I’d argue, pretty useful instinctual fears, but any mention of a hurricane and references to Hurricane Sandy set off all my alarms. So I packed up a bunch of stuff so I can head out later today and hopefully feel a little more secure.

I need to reevaluate always wanting to live on the coast, I think. 

Nevertheless, the seasons are changing. On Thursday, Longreads put on a fantastic event at Housing Works in NY with tales about change. Then, I went to a really wonderful poetry reading/birthday celebration on Sunday, followed by a delicious meal with my mother. I’ve gotten rid of at least half of the books, clothing, and other items that I just don’t use.

It may be getting colder, but things feel lighter, more open. Change, it’s exciting.

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