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Last week, I was in Utah for the Automattic Grand Meetup. The meetup was, as usual, amazing. There were so many times when I’d be walking down the hall wishing we always lived in this crazy hotel — as if I could somehow curate my own world and community with these Automatticians that I adore and admire so much. 

Utah, too, fascinates me. I want to live near mountains. I love how different the landscape is from where I grew up. The dramatic browns, oranges, and greens of the sloping hills. The way the temperature changes from sunny and warm to shivering cold in just a few minutes. The altitude, and all that comes with it. And the silence! I took a hike one morning and could hear only my breath, and the crunchy footsteps of some nearby dear. It was beautiful.

As a side note, or bonus: fezzes are cool.

fezzes are cool

As are pink hats. (I love this photo of me by Clicky Steve. I had no idea he was taking it at the time, but it’s so much fun.)



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