Dear Vincent

It’s a strange thing about the human mind that, despite its capacity and its abundant freedom, its default is to function in a repeating pattern. It watches the moon and the planets, the days and seasons, the cycle of life and death all going around in an endless loop, and unconsciously, believing itself to be nature, the mind echoes these cycles.

… And yet the experience of fear is the experience of being in the grip of a sensation that seems to possess an unassailable conviction in itself. To be afraid that the plane will crash is, in a sense, to assume that the plane will crash. And yet even if we could scrape away the many forms our fear takes and get to the underlying source-our mortality, our division from the infinite — we would still discover that our fear is not based on actual knowledge, unlike the part of us that chooses to be free.

via Brain Pickings, “Nicole Krauss’ Beautiful Letter to Vincent Van Gogh on Fear, Bravery, and How to Break the Destructive Loop of Our Patterns

In addition to the beautiful content of Krauss’ letter in and of itself, I love the idea of reigniting conversations with artists before our time based on their correspondence. Writers use it all the time in a literary sense, but why not in a spiritual, “screw time” kind of sense as well? Gorgeous.

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