365 Photos – 48-49/52 (NY and Philly Style)

So many pictures this week, and so many days missed! WordCamp US happened this past weekend, which means everything was a whirlwind.

While I might not have taken pictures every day, I took enough to make up for it, at least. Including a trip to the Statue of Liberty for the first time, which was pretty amazing.

In Philadelphia itself, it was pretty cool to spend time hanging out and walking around downtown. The past few trips I’ve made there have only been for a day or two. While I’m not a big fan of Christmas, there is something pretty heartwarming about all the lights and holiday markets being set up. Or maybe it’s just the act of seeing the city with a fresh perspective.

WordCamp US was overwhelmingly amazing. The organizers and everyone involved did such a good job. Of course, it’s never just about the conference itself, but the conversations you have and the time you spend with people. We talked a lot, ate some really good food, and made a few rounds on the tourist spots, like the Magic Gardens and Rocky steps.

Either way, it was fantastic.

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