Trump City

A friend of mine, and subsequently I, shared this video from the AFL-CIO on Facebook earlier.

I grew up next to Atlantic City in a suburb where many of my neighbors and friends’ parents worked in casinos or in the hospitality industry on the Jersey Shore. Atlantic City isn’t as fancy as New York, but it has grit and history. 

It’s also home.

I feel weird not posting about the 2016 elections yet. And also I feel weird posting about it. Politically, I’m about as left as they come. I hold my radical politics close to my heart and, often, my chest, only sharing depending on how well I know my audience.

That’s my way of saying that I obviously do not support Trump. Many other people have explained why he’s a dangerous and horrifying choice, and they’ve explained it much better than me.

What’s been surreal in my worldview is watching Trump on the national stage after knowing his practices more intimately in my childhood. Atlantic City often felt ruined in the sense that, outside of the casinos, it was deserted and run down and lacking in services. These days, many of the casinos are downsizing or shutting down completely. The landscape is changing now in ways that I am much less familiar with because I chose to move away and have spent the past decade of my life in a different community.

Nevertheless, it’s still home.

When the prospect of Chris Christie and Donald Trump as running mates was explored for a brief period of time, I was at a loss for words. Both of these men have failed New Jersey in so many ways. Of course they would fail the country as well.

Like they say, the personal is political. But we can’t forget that the political is personal as well.

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