AC Hotel Aitana – Madrid, Spain

In the first week of May, I was in Madrid, Spain for a conference and stayed at the AC Hotel Aitana. The hotel was beautiful (sleek and modern) with a lovely Spanish breakfast and a great view of the city. But what about the gym, right?

Before heading to Madrid, I took a look to see if there was a crossfit gym I could go to instead since, one, it’s always nice to check out a different crossfit community and, two, they have the equipment I want. Crossfit Tetuán was pretty close, but unfortunately the hours didn’t work with my conference schedule. (I need those East Coast 5am classes!) Instead, I opted for a few in-room workouts and the hotel gym.

The gym itself at the Aitana was minimal, but effective. Two treatmills, two ellipticals, a bike, a bench, and an exercise ball, along with a solid set of dumbbells (up to 10kg). It was very, very rarely in use, as well, which is always a plus. Caveat: the gym is ope 24 hours according to reception, but the treadmills can only be used during specific hours to help with noise.

I tend to use the treadmill to warm-up, so that was a big disappointing. The elliptical was no better because at 6am each beep to adjust the speed and tension seemed to be the loudest noise ever created. Nevertheless, the dumbbells, balls, and bench allowed me to get in a good workout. Plus, the hotel room itself had enough space to the side of the bed that I was able to do some body weight and resistance band exercises in the early morning when I didn’t want to crawl down to the first floor for the dumbbells.

Side note: if I had one more day in Madrid, I would have loved to have the chance to check out Sideropolis after watching MegSquats video there – it looks so cool!

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