Working Out in Whistler, Canada

I’m in Whistler, Canada for the week for my company’s annual Grand Meetup. Since everyone works remotely, we get together once per year, in various locations, to work, take classes, share ideas, and meet one another.

Last year, and this year, we took over Whistler, Canada for our annual get-together. Currently, I’m staying in the Hilton, which is a really nice hotel right in Whistler Village. There are a ton of outdoor activities in the area, and the weather is actually really nice right now — not too warm, not too cold.

Unfortunately, the one crossfit place I found in Whistler, Opus Athletics, is a bit too far from where we’re staying for me to be able to head over for a quick WOD in the morning, so I’ve been using the hotel gym.

It’s relatively small, but they have a decent selection of weights (5lbs up to 50lbs), as well as a cable machine, bench, exercise balls, two treadmills, and two ellipticals. I’ve started off each day with a nice 10 minute jog on the treadmill, and then used a combo of the dumbbells and cable for my workout. (I’ve copied them below for reference.) I’m trying to follow my usually upper-body (shoulders/back/triceps and chest/biceps) and lower-body split as much as possible.

We also found The Core, right across from the convention center where we’d been attending classes and events all week. It’s a combination climbing center and gym, as well as some fitness classes. I just went Sunday morning because it worked best for my schedule, but they had some excellent equipment!

I almost skipped going, but I was dying to get a barbell in my hands, so I spent some time working on squats and deadlifts. They also had one of my favorite back exercise machines and I got in some solid core work as well because, hey, I was at The Core.


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