Coaches and PRs

I’ve been going to a coach for about two weeks now. Since starting crossfit this past year, it’s been something I’ve thought about quite a bit.

I’ve always felt pretty comfortable programming for myself, something I attribute in large part to my yoga teacher training. If I know which part of the body I want to work and strengthen, I find it easy (enough) to pinpoint the movements that will help get me there.

What I cannot do for myself is know all the things I don’t know. I’m not good at technical movements like snatches and cleans, which require a lot of coordination and cues to hit the form just right. All I know is that when I do these movements, my shoulder usually hurts and I don’t know why.

Also, there’s something about having someone watch you that makes every workout 10x harder at least.

So my partner and I have been working with Marcus Costa to get better. My current stats?

Clean: 45kg
Snatch: 47kg
Jerk: 50kg
Bench: 45kg
Squat: 120kg

We tested all of the olympic weightlifting PRs our first week. I am not a huge fan of weightlifting. I love how it looks when other people are doing it, but for me? Oof. My problem is the same problem I have across my entire life: I think too far ahead.

For a video of all of our tests for olympic weightlifting, and a fun time-lapse of our class. 

I get so worried about the different cues that I need to hit that I end up missing them altogether so I’m one step ahead. This is how I’ve gotten hurt in the past, which is why I’m distrustful of the bar in these movements today. (Sounds like a terrible teenage romance.)

Today, however, Marcus pushed me on squats. The last time I tested, my max at one repetition (1RM) was 105kg, or 235lbs. Today, I was all set to put 105 kilos on the bar for my last try, until Marcus walked over and very calmly took off my 2.5kg weights only to replace them with 10kgs. I looked terrified. It was 120kg/265lb total, 15kg/35lb more than my previous max!

Nevertheless, I did it. It wasn’t a perfect squat, but it’s an improvement. So much of weightlifting is a metaphor for the rest of your life: it’s temporarily uncomfortable until you learn how to handle the weight.

For the rest of the week, we’re focusing on strength (thank god). Right now, though, I’m going to go pass out for about eight hours — until the next WOD.

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