Sabbatical: Week 1

Yesterday, it occurred to me that part of the reason why I’m always so tired is because I try to maintain a lot of hobbies outside of work. Most people, I think, would tell themselves, “Hey, there’s only 24 hours in a day. You’re not going to get to do everything you want.” Whereas my response tends towards waking up before dawn and trying to cram as much as possible into each hour, which, of course, is extremely sustainable.

With that, my first week of my sabbatical has come to an end. The week before, I was definitely looking forward to my time off, but it wasn’t until I signed out of my Slack accounts that I started to panic. I kept having this feeling that I was missing something. What if someone pinged me and I wasn’t responding?! Then Then I remembered that was the point.

Look how close I am to an 8 hour average!

I started by a day at the beach this weekend capped off with lunch at a really tasty sushi restaurant. On Monday, I slept past 7am — which, honestly, is a victory for me — found myself in the mood for yoga, trained with a few friends, took a Portuguese class, and finished a book.

Tuesday, I face-timed with my mom. I tried following the programming my coach provided, but for lack of space had to stop halfway through and then proceeded to search for a gym with a pool for the next four hours, which meant a lot of on foot exploring. More yoga.

Wednesday, I got a chance to check out CFP9, which is typically up to an hour away, but it’s one of my favorite crossfit boxes I’ve been to so far. I took a nap. I edited some videos for the YouTube channel Gustavo and I are working on. I started a new series on Netflix.

By now, I decided that I want to record one yoga flow per day, as well as work on some new online yoga classes to share. With all the training, need for mobility work, and joint pain I’ve been having, I find myself drawn to my foundations — figuring out which muscles need stretching, which need strengthening, and how I can tie it all together. I also decided to go back to writing one poem per day with the idea of finally trying to self-publish after three months. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so why not now?

Thursday and Friday, more working out, more sleeping, more video editing, and more writing. On Friday after my Portuguese class, I made a quick stop at a new coffee place nearby and thought about how nice it would be to work there, and then I realized I wouldn’t be needing that until February.

Next week? More relaxing, more training, more writing, and more editing. Just a few of my favorite things. Oh, and time to go to the beach!

What’s on my radar for the next few months?
– We’re doing the Double IG Challenge (a crossfit competition) in January.
– Writing one poem per day.
– Publishing one video on Jersioca every week.
– Cooking up a few other things I want to wait to share because I’m superstitious!
– A weekend trip to Ilha Grande.
– Reading all the books.

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