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Sabbatical: Week 3

For better or worse, I’ve definitely found a routine now. In the mornings, I do some yoga, brew some coffee, write, and study reiki. I sound like I’m on a retreat, though I suppose I set myself up for that. I still keep waking up before 6am, but at least I feel rested after doing so. Well, 90% of the time I do. 

This past week went by so quickly because it was so full. I went to the Monstar Games on Saturday and Sunday in Barra da Tijuca. It was at the Jeunesse Arena, right next to the Olympic training center. (So cool!)

After the games on Saturday, I went to the beach at Barra da Tijuca for the first time and loved it. It’s not that far away, but the water is noticeably warmer and there was even a gluten-free pizza place nearby that I got to check out. I may have been very hangry that they were late to open, but Aloha Pizza was delicious nonetheless.

On Monday, I was back at training, editing videos, and started studying reiki. While I was at the games on Sunday, I saw an ad for a reiki training course on Udemy that was drastically on sale and bought it on the spot. Since then, I’ve been studying very consistently and enjoying it so much more than I expected.

Tuesday, I went to the chiropractor for the first time in months. Since I’ve been training more intensely, my joints have been killing me. I think it’s because I never trained upper body so much before and pull movements, like snatch and clean. It’s always a bit of a surreal experience going to the doctor in another country. Normally, I’d have so many questions but in this case I’m just trying to convey the basic meaning of how I feel. Successfully, in this case, but small chit chat still just feels so awkward.

Afterwards, Gustavo and I went to Escadaria Selarón, a really cool staircase in Rio de Janeiro with a crazy collection of tiles from around the world. I’m not doing it any justice, so this picture is much, much better. After, we had our training and I hit a PR on my cleans — 46kg! A 1kg increase, but an increase nonetheless.


The rest of the week was more training, including joining a new crossfit box with some great equipment (hello TrueForm Runners!), writing, plotting more yoga videos, and binge-watching The Good Place. All in all, a good week.

Fun fact: one of my pictures I took at the Monstar Games was turned into a meme and I feel like that was a bit victory for my 2017.


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