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2018 Reading

For the past few years, I’ve done a tarot reading as a meditation and ritual to prepare for the new year. I truly enjoy the idea that by looking for meaning in symbols, I can identify with themes, struggles, and hopes for the year to come. Often, halfway through the year, I’ll look back at my reading and see if anything still resonates or if a different meaning pops into mind.

This morning, I decided to pull twelve cards for the upcoming year. I’m not entirely familiar with the symbols and meanings of each card right off the bat, so I decided to place each one here with my understanding of it so I can look back later in the future 🙂


January: Page of Wands (reversed)
The beginning of new ventures that may or may not have panned out, likely due to lack of focus or thought-out goals and desires.

February: The High Priestess
A connection to the subconscious mind or higher powers. The Priestess is a sign to focus on your dreams and intuition so as to allow for a better grasp of your own inner voice.

March: The Tower
A disruption that shakes you to the core. This can mean an experience that challenges your personal beliefs (mental structures) or a shocking event. Ultimately, it forecasts a deeply impactful moment or period in your life.

April: Page of Pentacles
Manifestations and enthusiasm for a new venture or project. The Page represents someone with energy and desire to draw in abundance through set goals and dedication.

May: The Hanged Man (reversed)
Feeling “at a standstill,” this card reversed signifies putting in a lot of effort but feeling like you’re not getting anything in return, i.e. you’re suspended. It may indicate a need to make a decision or that the suspension will pass.

June: Three of Wands
Vision, thinking long-term, expanding your horizons. The Three of Wands implies that any big plans are underway, with an awareness of the challenges that lie ahead.

July: The Devil
A focus on mental limitations that you are completely capable of breaking free of. It may be an obsession with a specific endeaver where you’ve lost sight of other parts of your life or an over-dependence on a person, situation, or thing.

August: Nine of Wands
The Nine of Wands often signifies one final setback on the way to success or achieving a goal, but represents your ability to overcome. It may also indicate a need for a more conservative approach, i.e. prepare for the worst but expect the best.

September: The Moon
A card for the “shadow self,” The Moon represents a time when your path may not be entirely clear — only vaguely illuminated. It requires relying on your intuition and uncovering deep truths.

October: Four of Wands (reversed)
A card of transition, there may be a lack of stability or major changes in life during this time. In particular, there may be a breakdown in communication at home or in your relationships.

November: Nine of Swords (reversed)
The Nine of Swords indicates that you are focused on worry and anxiety when, in reality, it’s not that bad. Instead, it’s a time to step back and objectively look at a situation, rather than complicating it further by fear.

December: Eight of Cups
The search for a deeper level of satisfaction. Material pleasures and accomplishments may not be enough, and this card indicates feeling a deep-set desire to walk away from everything so as to find a life that is more fulfilling.

If the cards are any indication, it seems like 2018 will be a rollercoaster of a year! (Then again, which year isn’t?)

My hope for the upcoming twelve months is that I can continue to develop on a personal and spiritual level, both in my yoga/reiki and writing practices, as well as my physical practices like crossfit and weightlifting. There are, indeed, many projects that I want to start on, but I know it’s a challenge to juggle everything (from blogging to vlogging, teaching to working, traveling to learning new skills). My challenge this year, I’m sure, is to figure out how to prioritize in a balanced, sustainable way so I can provide the best of myself to as many passions as possible.

Either way, I hope it’s a good one.

As a note: my go-to resource any time I pick up my tarot deck is BiddyTarot.com — her resources are amazing!


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