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Bye Bye 2017

2017 was quite the infamous year. Especially politically. Especially in the US.

I remember that I rang in the New Year somewhat anxiously, at home, barely staying awake late enough to see midnight roll around. For the past few years, I’ve found it hard to get excited for the new year and, honestly, prefer to wake up the next day well-rested instead of well-celebrated.

Now, it seems like time has flown by. And yet when I think back over the course of 2017, I can barely remember everything that happened. The days are so full and long in the moment; so intangible and fuzzy in the long-term.

At the very least, 2017 was a big one for me.

  • I turned 30. Three whole decades on planet Earth.
  • I got married. Most close friends know this, but since it was a quick and quiet process, we’re still in the process of letting the world know. (Hello world!)
  • I got my visa to Brazil, challenging both individually and on a relationship level. Dealing with bureaucracy as a pair puts you through the test.
  • I traveled the furthest east I’ve been yet: Abu Dhabi.
  • I also saw more of Brazil, including Maceió, Ilha Grande, Porto Alegre, Gramado, and another trip to São Paulo.
  • I re-started my yoga practice with a passion, and began crossfit.
  • I definitely leveled up in Portuguese. I don’t have to think so much to translate anymore, and speaking is on its way.
  • I celebrated many .blog wins at work and ended my year on a three-month sabbatical.

Next year will be a lot more of the same, and more. I’m in the process of organizing an OutWOD event for Rio that I’m extremely excited about. (February 10th!) I’m competing in the Double IG competition in late January. I’m working on creating online yoga videos for weightlifters. I’m finishing up a book of poetry. Gustavo and I are looking into the US immigration process and places to live together in the US. The last of which is probably what I’m most excited and scared about.

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions because I impose a lot of little challenges on myself throughout the year. Nevertheless, I’d say my biggest goals for 2018 are to: be more confident in myself and focus more on the positive. I’ve found myself falling into a negative mindset more often than I’d like, particularly throughout the year’s challenges, and it’s a detrimental behavior. I do believe that your thoughts create your reality. It’s a choice to highlight either the positive or the negative: they’re both facts that create reality, but what you choose to focus on is what defines your days.

When you feel tempted to be petty, judgmental, or unkind, know this: your soul is your most precious cargo. Act in ways that reflect it’s integrity rather than acting from your most defensive or reactive feels.
– Jessica Lanyadoo

2018, I see you. My hope is to see each of your days with more mindfulness, patience, and positivity. And that everyone’s New Year bring much joy and light to them.


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