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30 Days of Mindful Eating: What Does Food Do for You?

Black Iron Nutrition is offering a 30 Day Mindful Eating Challenge that includes journal prompts and tasks to help bring more mindfulness to our relationships with food. And I’m in! This post is in response to today’s prompt to keep myself accountable and get the most out of my participation. If you’re interested in joining the free challenge, sign up at Black Iron Nutrition’s website here.

When you think about food, what do you want it to do for your mind and your body, deeply at your core?

Food is, and always has been, a huge source of comfort for me. So many of my memories are intertwined with food. When I think of my childhood, I often remember sunny Sundays in my kitchen, eating pancakes, and stealing bacon off my mother’s plate. (Who, despite her love, did not want to share her bacon.)

I think of my grandparents coming to visit, palms filled with cold cuts and treats from the Italian bakery near their home in North Jersey.

I think of our family friend who used to drive up to Brooklyn on the weekends and would leave a little baggie of bialys hanging on our doorknob, knowing we also loved the taste of New York’s eclectic cuisine.

I think of so many unfulfilled cravings when I’m in Brazil. Tastes and experiences that make me feel connected to my culture.

I think of so many unfulfilled cravings when I’m in the US. Tastes and experiences that make me miss an adopted culture.

I think of the first time I went to Italy and how shocked I was by the similarities in taste and desire. The way my palate was passed down and influenced by generation to generation.

While I pay attention to my nutrition and food intake because I want to perform well in the gym, I’ve never been able to – and don’t want to – see it purely as fuel. Instead, food is a source of pleasure. It’s a source of connection and community. In many ways, it’s a means to feeling more like myself. When I feel satisfied, satiated, and have enjoyed my food, I feel like I have the foundation within myself to focus on other tasks that make me me.

In other words, I want food to fulfill me so I can be healthy, happy, creative, powerful, and strong.

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