30 Days of Mindful Eating: Ideal Eating

Describe what the “perfect diet” looks like in your mind. What would make you happy and how would you adhere to it in order to achieve your goals? How does your current diet compare to it?

My ideal diet is an intuitive diet. Which also happens to be something I really struggle with.

By intuitive diet, I mean being 100% tuned into my body’s hunger cues and cravings, with a focus on healthy, nutrient-dense foods. I would love to have developed the skills and habits by now to crave nutritious, minimally processed meals, as well as the ability to acknowledge when I’m full and then stop eating.

I envision myself, well-rested – because sleep and self-care are also part of your diet – eating when I’m hungry. Breakfast would be full of fruits, vegetables, warm whole grains, eggs, and avocado. At lunch, my plate would be filled with greens, fruits, vegetables, plant-based proteins, and minimal dairy. Dinner would still be home-cooked and enjoyed away from the screen. I’d feel full, satiated and energized throughout the day.

Sometimes, I would drink coffee. There would always be a sprinkling of sweets throughout the day because it’s just too good to not incorporate on a daily basis. Above all, I would rarely stress about the food I’m eating since I’d always know that I have access to whatever I want and that I’m fueling myself well, all the time.

Black Iron Nutrition is offering a 30 Day Mindful Eating Challenge that includes journal prompts and tasks to help bring more mindfulness to our relationships with food. And I’m in! This post is in response to today’s prompt to keep myself accountable and get the most out of my participation. If you’re interested in joining the free challenge, sign up at Black Iron Nutrition’s website here.

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