30 Days of Mindful Eating: Small Changes

Write down three small changes you could make to your current diet right now that could move you slightly toward the ideal diet you wrote about yesterday. Write down how you are going to implement each. 

1. No screens when eating. Eating while distracted and/or stressed is definitely my worst habit, by far. To help develop a more mindful relationship with food, I’ll start by eating at least one meal per day away from all screens. That means no computer, no phones, no TV, so I can focus completely on what’s in the bowl (or on the plate) before me.

2. Track less. I tend to follow “if it fits your macros” as a way of helping to prioritize my protein intake, especially as a vegetarian. But tracking is tracking and it’s hard to do it in a way that’s healthy. Unless training for very specific goals, I don’t believe it’s the best option and I think it can be harmful as a method to default to. As such, focusing less on tracking throughout the day (i.e. possibly doing it in one go at night to follow my protein intake) leaves more space for me to listen to my hunger cues.

3. Prioritize whole, unprocessed foods. When focusing just on macronutrients, micronutrients can fall to the wayside. Many days, I know I’ve hit my goals when it comes to macronutrients, but I didn’t get there in the healthiest way. I’d like to focus on incorporating fresh, unprocessed foods into every single meal, including snacks, to build better habits when it comes to where my nutrients are coming from.

Black Iron Nutrition is offering a 30 Day Mindful Eating Challenge that includes journal prompts and tasks to help bring more mindfulness to our relationships with food. And I’m in! This post is in response to today’s prompt to keep myself accountable and get the most out of my participation. If you’re interested in joining the free challenge, sign up at Black Iron Nutrition’s website here.

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