Squat-Tested: My Favorite Leggings

There are so many pet peeves to choose from when it comes to women’s clothing. The completely inconsistent sizing. The frequent lack of functionality. The lack of pockets, of course. That it often seems to be made of tissue paper which is completely see-through.

I’ve long been on a quest to find good, squat-proof leggings. Squat-proof, also known as “yoga-proof,” simply means that the leggings aren’t see-through when you, well, squat. While it seems like that’d be a pretty simple task – keeping things covered up is essentially the one job that clothing has – it’s not.

After many months of scrutinizing fabric in various stores and tracking down other ladies to ask where their leggings were from, I finally found some go-to’s for myself. Here are my favorites, going from lower priced to higher.

Aerie Leggings


I stumbled across a brick and mortar Aerie store after an unsuccessful trip to the No Bull pop-up store in Manhattan. After ranting and raving about, yet again, see-through fabric on active wear, my mother announced she found a very cute store with very soft clothes and everything was on sale. Lo and behold, it was Aerie.

First, these are the softest leggings ever. Second, they are totally squat-proof. Third, they were under $30 and seem to be perpetually on sale. These are legitimately my favorite leggings in my closet.

Old Navy Activewear


Usually in the $30-$40 range, the Old Navy Elevate line comes in a thick material that’s long-lasting. I’ve had a couple of pairs that I’ve been using for over a year now, and they still look like new. That said I’ve only tried the Elevate/compression line, so I can’t speak to the squat-proof-ness of the other types of fabric they use.

Feed Me Fight Me, Leggings and Shorts


Aside from having the best name, being veteran-owned, and donating a portion of their profits to Veterans’ organizations for addiction and PTSD, Feed Me, Fight Me has great clothing. Their t-shirts are cute and quirky. Their shorts and leggings carry over the same sense of humor, but do so in a comfy, completely not see-through fabric. Unlike most thicker fabrics, I find that FMFM’s leggings still feel loose and light so they’re comfortable to work out in, even when it’s hot. (That’s called “Rio-proof.”)

Under Armour, Leggings


I bought my first pair of Under Armour leggings about four years ago at an outlet mall in Florida. After many, many workouts and about 15 extra pounds, they’re still in amazing shape. I’m convinced these things are made out of some magic material. Usually in the $50 range, I find Under Armour leggings to be extremely durable and comfortable.

Fleo Shorts


Fleo Shorts are unsurprisingly known for their shorts which, I can attest, do not ride up when working out. Recently, they started making joggers and leggings as well. These are my favorite. Their shorts are perfect – they fit well, they feel comfortable, and they’re definitely squat-proof. They’ve brought the same design to both their leggings and joggers as well. They’re extremely comfortable and easy to move in, making them my absolute favorite for any Crossfit workout. They are on the pricier side ($60-70), but well-worth the investment.

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