Cape May, NJ

I love a beach town in the winter. One of my first jobs was on the boardwalk, and maybe I’ve never stopped craving the exact opposite of that experience. Or maybe I just really like silent, empty places that look serene, almost ghostly, in their winter versions.

This past weekend, I visited Cape May for a brief getaway. I grew up a little outside of Atlantic City, and Cape May was always an accessible way to feel like I was “someplace else” without having to drive too far. It was fun to share the beach, the architecture, and some memories with my family, particularly our newest member.

It was also fun to dust off my camera and do a mini photo walk. (Mini = when I remembered to actually pull my camera out of the backpack.) Despite the wintry weather, I feel like the town managed to look both serene and vibrant in my snapshots.

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