Google Project Management certification ✅

I did it! I completed the Google Project Management certification on Coursera. Over the past few years, I’ve realized that a lot of the work I do, and have done, could be considered project management. Since I was “learning as I go,” taking the course helped to highlight some gaps in knowledge and also reaffirmed my natural inclination towards project management.

While I’d been exposed to the concepts of Agile and scrum, having the opportunity to dive deeper into these ideas gave me some excellent new tools in my proverbial toolkit. Practicing different methods for time estimation and user stories was particularly helpful. While I know there are endless tools, ideas, and methodologies to dig into, delving into the fundamentals brought me unexpected clarity on frustrations I’d experienced and new practices to implement in my own work.

I’m pleased to report that, all in all, the certification was super helpful. I’m also proud of myself for the time and effort I put into it! It was comprehensive, and the real world-style capstone project pushed me to approach each exercise with care, cementing everything I’d learned. Now, to fight the urge to write all of my daily tasks in the form of a user story…

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