About Erica


Hey there, I’m Erica.

For more than five years, I’ve been a member of the Automattic team. Currently, I work on Knock Knock WHOIS There, the registry for .blog, a new gTLD that we launched in November 2016. (Get your own .blog!)

While my main focus these days is on domain policy and compliance, I’ve spent my past few years at Automattic working on our WordPress.com support and Happiness Hiring teams. As a strong proponent of Jill-of-all-Trades-ism, I’ve also called myself a counselor, educator, translator, writer, and archivist in my previous lives.

In the rare moments that you find me offline, you can find me learning to powerlift, reading multiple books at a time, and practicing new languages, with Brazilian Portuguese being my main focus now. I also did a poem-a-day project for 2016 and you can find all of those writings over at Eternal Graffiti.