About Erica

Hey there, I’m Erica.

I’m a proud Jersey girl, born and raised. I split my time between my home in New Jersey and my (adopted) home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with my partner, Gustavo.

Despite never having thought of myself as athletic, I’ve been a mover my whole life. As a kid, I took a lot of dance and gymnastics classes. By high school, I dropped out of dance but picked up yoga and meditation. After college, I started running, then powerlifting, and finally landed on Crossfit – which seems to be a healthy combination of everything I’ve done before.

I struggled with food and body image for a long time. (And, let’s be honest, I still do.) Through my involvement with strength-based sports, I’ve developed a healthier relationship with my body and food over these past few years. Coupled with meditation and my nutrition studies, my mission with Barbell Asana is to help others honor their bodies through strength training, recovery, mindfulness, and a healthy relationship with food.

I received my yoga teacher training at the Om Factory School of Yoga in 2015. Since then, I’ve taught classes privately, in yoga studios and gyms, and for conferences and corporate retreats. I provide online yoga flows for Crossfitters and athletes of all types via my YouTube channel and post educational fitness-related content almost every day on Instagram.

In addition to my passion work(s), I’ve also been a member of the Automattic team for the past seven years. Currently, I work on Knock Knock WHOIS There, the registry for .blog, a domain extension that we launched in November 2016. (Get your own .blog!)

Outside of computers and lifting, I’m an avid reader and love to travel. You can see all of the places I’ve visited on my travel page and, likely, a review of some of the local gyms and boxes I checked out while I was visiting.

You can also learn more about me at my other blogs: