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    These past few weeks have been pretty intense. After my trip to Lisbon, I dove right into some online classes I’m taking and a new training program. I actually had to set a reminder for myself to move my car because I haven’t driven anywhere (a.k.a. left the house) in a few weeks.

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    Back when I was a wee high schooler, and when Soft Skull Press has a brick and mortar, I picked up a small poetry chapbook at random and immediately became enamored. I always loved reading, but poetry, I thought, this would be my thing.

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    I heard a podcast about Mother! about a month ago, but apparently none of it stuck with me. I remember the vague sensation of “Oh, I’d like to see that,” but cannot recall any of the conversation around what the movie was about. That may also be because it’s almost impossible to say what it’s about. (I’m also finding it impossible to say if I liked it. Or not.)

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    DIY Protein Bars

    I wrote before that I’ve been extra sensitive to my diet these days, meaning little to no soy products. I also do a fair amount of weightlifting which, for me, means being mindful of how much protein I get since I’m also vegetarian and could easily live on pasta and pizza for the rest of my life.