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    Rio, Part 2

    It’s no secret that I love Rio. A lot. Probably more than what would be considered normal for someone who’s only been twice. I mean, it was the only place that could contend with Italy when I was planning to move overseas last year. And while Italy immediately felt like home from the first time I visited, my infatuation with Brazil likewise began on my first trip a year and a half ago.

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    Quote: David Kirby

    Carbon, nitrogen . . . there was an explosion, and now you have to pay attention to everything. At the party, everyone was talking about the crappy TV series that’s so popular, and you didn’t say you wanted better, wanted more. —From today’s Poem-A-Day, I Have Not Come Here to Compare Notes But to Sit Together in the Stillness at the Edge of This Wound

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    Black Mirror

    The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization. I started watching Black Mirror while I was in Brazil. After dinner one night, we decided it was time for some Netflix-ing. I can’t remember if one of us had had already watched an episode, or we picked it randomly. I still miss some things in Portuguese, but I’m working on it, okay?