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    365 Photos – 51/52

    One week left. I’m determined to not miss any of these final days now that it’s just one week left. As I get closer to the end of things, my focus often peters out, so now’s an excellent time to challenge that.

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    365 Photos – 50/52

    Two more weeks. There’s Christmas decorations everywhere. The weather is frighteningly warm. And I’m exhausted from the early sunset. What a weird time of year.

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    365 Photos – 47/52

    I’ve always wanted to do a photo series of bodegas in the early morning, or any shop before it’s open. Maybe it’s having worked in retail and the food industry, but there’s something about those really early hours when you’re just setting up shop that seem more human. 

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    365 Photos – 46/52

    The one thing that’s been stuck in my mind this week is the quote from The Bell Jar used in the finale of “Master of None,” which I finally got around to watching.